Transforming Access to Primary Care

Exciting insights from Tamir Gotfriend, Chief Commercial Officer at TytoCare, on how their mission is transforming primary care from physical to digital. 

🎙️Tamir on TytoCare’s Mission:

“Our focus is to provide access to high-quality care and lower the cost of care for payers, providers, and patients alike. We digitize primary care  taking it from the physical to the digital.”

🌐Revolutionizing Telehealth Engagement:

“Engagement is key, and where traditional telehealth falls short, we step in. TytoCare specializes in elevating patient adoption by integrating technology seamlessly into their journey.”

📈Impressive Reach & Impact:

“TytoCare customers span from payers and providers: we have over 200 providers in the US on our platform with over 30,000 clinicians that use our technology and over a million visits that we’ve done over the past year.”

🤝🏻Bridging Gaps in Telehealth:

“Traditional telehealth has limitations. With TytoCare, we move beyond audio and video by addressing 59% of treatable ICD codes remotely. This leads to 6-10 times higher utilization compared to standard platforms.”

💰 Savings & Patient Experience:

“Our customers see an average of 5% savings on the full cost of care. TytoCare not only improves access but enhances patient experience, reducing travel time and filling the void in the telehealth space.”

🩺Empowering Remote Physical Examinations:

“The experience that patients have with reduced travel time in a rural setting, as well as reduced travel time to see a specialist, is critical for access to care. We aim to fill the gap and void present in the telehealth space.”

🎥 Watch the Full Interview Here: TytoCare Interview with Tamir Gotfriend

TytoCare is redefining healthcare accessibility, and we’re proud to share Tamir’s insights on how they are making a difference. 

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