Propeller Health

Revolutionizing medication adherence and persistence for patients with asthma, COPD and other chronic lung conditions

“We’re not just about connecting devices; we’re revolutionizing the patient experience and transforming healthcare outcomes,” said General Manager Susa Monacelli. “We have a huge impact in the world of respiratory health because our mission goes beyond mere connections.”

Propeller has developed multifaceted experiences for patients, ensuring accessibility for all. From an intuitive app for active users to completely app-less solutions that passively connect devices to an in-wall hub – they’re empowering caregivers and healthcare providers alike.

“Our innovation isn’t just about technology; it’s about value creation. We’ve cracked the code on adherence and persistence, benefiting patients and pharmaceutical partners. By reducing utilization and collaborating with clinicians, we’re elevating outcomes and improving quality of life for patients,” says Monacelli.

💡 What’s truly remarkable is the value Propeller is bringing to the table. In commercial COPD populations, they’re saving, on average, $2,400 per patient, and for Medicare patients, over $900.

Monacelli adds, “If you can’t breathe, a lot of other problems are much more difficult to overcome.”

Propeller’s commitment is clear: To drive significant cost savings while enhancing lives and healthcare efficiency.