Innovating Healthcare Access:
Redefining Clinical Decision Support and Referrals

Imagine having an ‘easy button’ for clinical decision support and specialist referrals, transforming patient care in a snap!

That is the mission for Reza Sanai MD, FACC, Co-CEO and Founder, PicassoMD, the The Digital Health Hub Foundation Digital Health Awards HealthEquity Rising Star.

In the world of healthcare, quick decisions matter. Whether it’s a primary care office, virtual consultation, or retail clinic, the crucial moment arrives when a provider needs to decide the next step for a patient.

So first, PicassoMD offers real-time clinical decision support.

“Picture this — primary care providers hitting a button and within 30 seconds, being matched with specialists across any field,” Sanai says.

The result? Enhanced outcomes with a median connection time of just 23 seconds and interactions averaging under 7 minutes. The impact? An 80% reduction in ER rates and a staggering 50% fewer specialist referrals. What a wonderful benefit for rural and underserved communities!

PicassoMD has taken this a step further by redefining referrals.

“Integrating seamlessly across any EMR, our referral solution operationalizes referrals based on value. We pinpoint the most value-driven specialists locally, facilitating a warm handoff between PCPs and specialists. This streamlined communication boosts efficiency, getting patients to the right specialists faster than ever before,” Sanai added.

PicassoMD is revolutionizing the way care is delivered, ensuring every patient receives tailored, efficient, and top-notch care.