Anticipation Builds for ViVE 2024

Industry Leaders Express Excitement and Awe

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As we gear up for #ViVE2024, I had two key questions. Why is ViVE important? …and what are you looking for this year. They share their enthusiasm for the dynamic event and the opportunity to reunite with peers.

🗣️ “This year, we’re really excited to be going to LA for ViVE. It’s always great. It’s like a reunion,” said David Lareau, CEO, Medicomp.

🗣️ “I love the energy of ViVE! All of those players happen to be at ViVE! I love the opportunity to get together with the community of health transformers,” said Unity Stoakes, Co-Founder, StartUp Health.

🗣️ “I get excited about going to ViVE every year to meet some of the new innovators and to look at the way things are changing,” said Ritesh Patel, Snr Partner, Digtal Health, FINN Partners.

Attendees express their eagerness to explore new innovations and connect with the transformative community at #ViVE2024.

🗣️ “It’s not always Orlando and Vegas… LA! We get to go somewhere new. That’ll be fun! …and there are a bunch of groups that I’m looking forward to meet with, ” said Dr. Lyle Berkowitz, CEO, KeyCare.

🗣️ “And so if you think about all of the players that we have to interact with in those spaces…Guess what? They’re all at ViVE!” said Colin Banas, MD, Chief Medical Officer, DrFirst.

With #ViVE2024 bringing together key industry players, the event promises unparalleled networking opportunities and collaboration. One of the key founders of ViVE reflects on the origin and purpose of #ViVE2024, emphasizing its role in addressing healthcare’s most pressing challenges.

🗣️ “ViVE, at the very beginning, was created with our great partners at HLTH, to really serve a couple different purposes,” said Russ Branzell, @CHIME

🗣️ Lee Shapiro, Managing Partner, 7wire Ventures, anticipates the creativity of start-ups in leveraging AI and other technologies to enhance healthcare delivery.

🗣️ “There’s a lot of high hopes for AI right now,” added Banas. “Someplace like ViVE is really interesting because that’s going to be on full display!”

🗣️ Unity Stoakes shares his excitement for the imagination and creativity shaping the future of healthcare.

🗣️ “I’ll tell you, the thing I’m looking for this year is imagination,” Stoakes said. “I believe we are in a new moment, a magic reset on where the future of health is going, so I’m going to be looking for creativity. I’m going to be looking for those innovators who are really rethinking the future because of the new technologies, the new frameworks, the new trends that are all emerging at the same time.”

Narration: As #ViVE2024 approaches, anticipation builds for the innovative solutions and transformative discussions that lie ahead. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of healthcare! 🌐✨