Eliminating preventable complications in childbirth

The Digital Health Hub Foundation Digital Health Awards Finalist in Womens Health, PeriGen Perinatal Decision Support Systems is protecting mothers and babies by living its mandate to eliminate preventable complications in childbirth.

PeriGen applies Artificial Intelligence to interpret everything that is happening along the fetal strip during the entire course of labor.

”In term babies, more than half of the bad outcomes are preventable,” said PeriGen CEO Matthew Sappern.

Sappern continues, “We can tell the nurse or physician if there is something that appears out of the ordinary that warrants review, something that suggests that the mom or the baby is not tolerating labor.”

PeriGen is producing important results for health systems, including substantial reductions in unanticipated NICU admits and operative deliveries. Providing these safety measures accrues value relative to medical malpractice risk as well.

“OB is a huge target for medical malpractice. Nuclear awards are starting to making labor and delivery service lines unsustainable,” said Sappern. “By helping prevent those bad outcomes that end up in court, we’re doing everybody a service.