Reperio Health

Reperio Health is solving health access

A myriad of health innovations were represented on the stage of the  The Digital Health Hub Foundation and Digital Health Awards during HLTH2023. A Rising Star recipient in the Employer Subsidized Wellness category, Reperio Health, captured my attention. For many years, healthcare consumers have been given a poor workflow. It can be a hassle to see a doctor, and when we go, tests are ordered for which we need to make another appointment, miss more work to get those tests completed, and we have to go back to the doctor to get the results. That’s a waste of time, energy and money— all of which Reperio Health is addressing. The company is delivering comprehensive, at-home biometric screening kits to people and places with insufficient access to care and for communities who experience health inequities.

“Our company is focused on bringing healthcare into the home in a way that is more efficient, more effective and, at the same time, reaching people in rural areas or where there are health inequities, and there is a lack of access to care,” said Reperio CEO and Co-Founder Travis Rush.

Not only is Reperio solving the consumer workflow gap and bridging an important access issue, the company provides a great benefit to any organization that is financially responsible for the health and wellness of employees or members.

“In order to reduce healthcare spending, we have to get in front of chronic disease, and our solution is delivered to the home and allows people to do a complete set of biometric screenings at home or at work without having to do all the things that make people procrastinate, and allows chronic disease to develop,” Rush said.

Reperio’s full-service and integrated biometric screening kits can be used at home or on a job site. They’re easy to use, available alongside customer service support 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is accessible to everyone. Most importantly, users get real-time, instant access to key healthdata.

Whether you’re a payer, employer, or a value-based care provider, this solution improves your consumer experience, and makes preventative screening accessible to everyone. Request your demo at